Simlogic - RaceCenter MAX

Your real on-board computer.

Much more than a button box !

Your 5th screen.

In addition to a direct access to the functions required in a race, any simracer needs strategic information, timing, map, delta, drivers, ....

For this Simlogic invented the RaceCenter MAX.

Much more than a button box, he is equipped with a stand-alone screen, fully adjsutable, powered by a computer.

Perfectly integrated and ergonomic, the RaceCenter MAX accompanies you in your race for the victory.

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on the "RaceCenter MAX" range.

A built-in computer with a large 10 "screen!

The RaceCenter MAX is equipped with a real computer and a big screen of 10 inches fully adjustable.

So you are no longer limited to a maximum of 4 monitors authorized by your graphics card.

Its characteristics ensure a fast and fluid operation.

You are free to install your favorite simracing software, watch a YouTube video or keep an eye on Discord.

It comes with its Win10 license, pre-installed and a keyboard.

  • CPU 2.3Ghz

  • RAM 4Go

  • SSD 120Go

Use your favorite Dashboard or Timing!

Rather JRT*, Z1 Dashboard*, SimHub*, ...?

Whatever your favorite timing / dashboard software is, you can enjoy it on your RaceCenter MAX.

Its built-in Win10 computer allows you to use any simracing software that uses server mode.

*Softwares not included

Your 5th screen.

The computer integrated in the RaceCenter MAX allows you to overcome the limit of 4 screens imposed by your graphics card.

For example, if you have a triple screen configuration with an HDMI display in front of your steering wheel, the RaceCenter MAX is the solution.

Totally autonomous RaceCenter MAX becomes your 5th screen.

An integrated button box designed for simracers

The RaceCenter MAX is equipped with a premium button box. Here the focus is on the ergonomics and precision of electronics.

The ergonomics is ensured by a complete serigraphy and a selection of quality buttons, adapted to the function attributed.

In use, the Leo Bodnar electronics ensure you a flawless precision.

Sound !

In order to fully enjoy the content of your Simlogic RaceCenter MAX, the latter is equipped with built-in stereo speakers.

A notification of your Dashboard? The sound of a video while waiting for your next race? Do not miss anything!

Be connected!

The Simlogic RaceCenter MAX has a complete connectivity:

  • Wifi : fast and stable the wifi connection allows you to browse the internet and use the server mode of your simracing software.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 : free to connect your bluetooth accessories!

  • USB : connect your keyboard or read a USB key.

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If you wish to ask us a question about a product or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer you with pleasure as soon as possible.


Thank you !

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