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Exclusively on the "RaceBox" and "RaceCenter" range.

Your race under control

  • Direct access to different settings and strategic functions

  • A complete serigraphy for an undeniable ergonomic gain

  • Buttons perfectly adapted to the associated function

  • A built-in computer to use your favorite Dashboard / timing software

All this at your fingertips, with ergonomics, to stay focused on the essentials, your race.

That's why we created RaceBox and RaceCenter!

Simlogic RaceCenter

Much more than a button box, the Simlogic RaceCenter integrates a computer and its 7-inch screen.

Its fully autonomous computer comes pre-installed with Win10 and allows you to use your software such as JRT, Z1 Dashboard, SimHub, ....

The LeoBodnar electronics ensure accuracy and responsiveness to the integrated button box.

The serigraphy, the layout and the type of each button gives you great ergonomics.

Simlogic RaceCenter MAX

The Simlogic RaceCenter MAX is a real onboard computer for simracing.

Equipped with a real computer with Win10 pre-installed and a large 10-inch screen fully adjustable, enjoy your software such as JRT, Z1 Dashboard, SimHub, ... .

The integrated button box allows you to access the strategic functions required in the race, with precision and responsiveness thanks to LeoBodnar electronics.

The Simlogic RaceCenter MAX offers great ergonomics thanks to its complete serigraphy and different types of buttons adapted to each function.

Simlogic RaceBox

The Simlogic RaceBox gives you quick and easy access to essential race functions.

Its serigraphs, iRacing or Universal, bring a significant ergonomic gain by organizing and easily identifying each function.

Designed to be ergonomic we have selected buttons of quality, adapted to each function.

When using, LeoBodnar electronics guarantees reliability and precision.



Our products are entirely designed and handcrafted in France.

In this way we pay particular attention to the quality of manufacture to always meet the requirements of our customers.

Our products are thought to be ergonomic.

In race or practice, every function falls easily on hand.

In addition, each function has the most appropriate type of button.

We deliver you all over the world

Upon receipt of your order we ship your product in 30 open days maximum, depending on stock.

Special attention is paid to the packaging to protect your product.

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